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A Reminder in Scotland

Posted by Ryan Gooding

So after a crazy five days in Scotland I am reminded just why I do the work I do and just how much I love it. On Tuesday I was standing at the airport with Sara (my PA) ready to jump on the plane to head to Edinburgh. This was my fourth trip to the county of Fife to use my gift and share messages with people from the other side. I have always found Scotland a great place to go and it still has a real sense of community in these areas I have previously spent my time working. We arrived at the hotel on a bitterly cold evening with frost covering the pavements, buildings and grass. It looked very picturesque and if you have never been to Scotland then it is worth a visit as it is such a stunning place. We stayed in Banners House Hotel in Markinch, a small quiet hotel with only five rooms for guests. As soon as I speak to the locals and staff I am already finding myself having to listen carefully because of the local accent. We sat and had dinner and had a look over the diary at the busy days ahead, with so many people to see on this trip. After chatting away as me and Sara do, talking about the most random things we went to our rooms to get a good nights sleep. I always wonder why travelling makes you so tired but it really does knock you out sometimes. During this stay I worked in Markinch, Dunfermline, Cowdenbeath, Kirkcaldy and Leslie to name a few places.

(Dunfermline Clock Tower)

I always find working in other areas away from home interesting. Some people think it is 'sad' that a guy of my age likes to also learn about the area, local history etc. I like to see how people are different in other parts of the country/the world. It is always fascinating talking with people and finding out their different views on different topics. One of the things I learnt here is that the latest Brexit news is still a big topic in Scotland, with the nation voting to stay in the European Union but the United Kingdom voting to leave. I had this conversation with many people here and it was interesting to see how their views differed from those of the majority of people back home. I spent the week doing one to one and group readings with an event with an audience at the Balbernie House Hotel in Markinch, which I have to say really is a stunning place to visit. 

(Me just before my audience event at The Balbernie House)

It may come as a surprise to some people that I still every now and again doubt myself. I still worry after the thousands of readings that I have done and the thousands of people that have seen me in audiences that people may not enjoy what I am doing which is why feedback is always so important to me. My aim after every reading I do is to leave the person knowing that it was their loved ones in contact with me and that I have used my gift to guide people through the harder parts of life. I sometimes think that people could get bored after seeing me once or twice. I still get the nerves before walking out in front of an audience especially in new areas or at venues I have never been before. I always feel that I have got to get to know my audience as quick as I can so that I can make the evening personal and connect to every single individual in the room. I want to leave knowing that people have enjoyed seeing my gift and that even if they have not been lucky enough to be one of the chosen ones receiving a message from me that something throughout the evening I have said to somebody else has helped them and entertained them. 

(Forth Bridge, Fife)

So after a few days of group readings and one to one readings it was Friday night and time to step in front of a large audience at The Balbernie House Hotel and share my gift. The event was also in aid of the NRJ Dance Studios, a dance group helping and teaching youngsters to express their talents through modern, contemporary and Hip Hop dance. As I walked out in front of the crowd I told them to talk nice and slowly to me as I have trouble with the accent, to which they all laughed. I introduced myself and explained how the evening was going to work. You could feel an atmosphere from the crowd of apprehension as to whether I really could do what I was explaining that I could do and straight away I knew that this room full of people wanted me to show them the evidence of my connection to the afterlife. Well luckily for me spirit were on top form and did not disappoint. Message after message was flying out and connecting people to their loved ones. We were all laughing one moment and then crying the next. I loved the way the Scottish people showed each other so much comfort and respect when receiving their messages as the whole room jumped on the rollercoaster of emotions. Husbands, friends, parents, siblings and children were all coming through to me and Kathy to be connected to people in the audience. From the moment I started, until the very end I felt such a buzz in the room. It was such an enjoyable night. At the end of the evening their was a great big que of people waiting to come and say hello to me, to explain their messages or to simply ask questions. I left the venue on cloud nine knowing I had done my job to the best of my ability, helped people with their lives, connected people to the after life, provided evidence of spirit to everybody along with raising well over £1000 for an amazing dance group.

(Dunfermline covered in winter frost)

So after seeing so many people in Scotland for one to one/group readings and connecting with such an amazing audience I have been reminded of exactly why I do the job I do. I do it for the people that want it or need it. I do it to have the satisfaction that I have been able to give those people just that little comfort or little bit of guidance that makes such a big difference to them. As I sit in my hotel room the night before I return home writing this I feel that my job here is complete. Scotland has been so warm and welcoming. I have seen some old faces from previous trips and met new faces too. Thank you everybody that has been around my 5 day trip for making it one to remember. Scotland has reminded me exactly why I love the work I do. And yes Fife, I will be back in 2017 to do it all again and I cannot wait. Now it is midnight and I have one last one to one reading in the morning before my trip home so I had better get some sleep. I hope you are all keeping well! Remember if you can give just that little something to someone, it will make that big difference.

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Ryan xxx
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Sharon - 27/11/2016

Great seeing you again, never doubt yourself ;) you have a wonderful gift and are very honest which is so important , remember and always be yourself and all will be good x