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'Hotel Room Thoughts'

Posted by Ryan Gooding
Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all ok and that those of you in the U.K. are enjoying the weather warming up. To those of you around the world a big hello to you too. I'm currently laying in bed in a hotel at Gatwick airport ready for an early flight to Vegas tomorrow. We are heading there to celebrate my husbands 40th birthday! And no that's not a typo, people never believe me when I say Darren is 40! Some people think I am the older one sometimes and I am 27! I think he looks quite good for 40 bless him. Although I also believe it does not matter what a person looks like, our souls and spirits are far more important and are what we are attracted to when we have a connection with people. 

So so we have lots of things lined up whilst in Vegas and those of you on my social media pages are bound to be seeing some pictures of all the adventures we have over there. I just need to remember to take more photos! I'm one of those kind of people that says "I must take loads of photos" and then I never do which annoys me! You would think the spirits would give me a gentle reminder every now and then wouldn't you! Ryan take a photo! I am a big lover of travelling, and I think everybody should try to go to as many places in the world as they can! It helps grow your soul and there are also some very spiritual places out there too.

As my iPad bleeps informing me of a low battery it brings me to a big question! Why is it that hotels never put plugs by the bed so that you can charge your phone whilst in bed? Haha! I know some will say you shouldn't really sit in bed on your iPhone and ipad but guys believe me being a medium destroys you sleep, so I'm awake at random times after a spirit has woken me up! Although saying that it is very peaceful here tonight so maybe I will be left to get a good nights sleep. Then again it's heading towards midnight and I have to be up at 6am to catch my flight. 

A little reminder I have some fab offers on for Easter on different readings and workshops but there is only limited availability so check them out at the shop section of the website. Once they are gone they are gone! Anyway look after yourselves and enjoy the long weekend. If you are working don't work too hard. Catch up with you all soon.

P.s leave me some comments below! I now have a reply box so I can reply to the messages you leave on my blog posts! How exciting is that! ;) 

Be Good

Ryan Gooding

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Jean taylor xxxxxx - 12/04/2017

Have a lovely holiday .... happy belated birthday Darren take care .. safe journey sending love

Julie gilroy - 13/04/2017

Hi Ryan I really hope you have the best time and happy birthday to your lovely husband x