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I want to know what you would like to see here.....

Posted by Ryan Gooding
Hello Everybody,

I am very new to the world of blogs and would like your feedback. I am looking for your ideas as I would like you to tell me what you would like to see from my blogs?

Please comment below and let me know what you would like to see here! I look forward to sharing new things with you all very soon!

Be Good!

Ryan Gooding
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Lily Broom - 22/08/2016

Hi Ryan it would be great to hear how your experience as a physic mediumhas made you live your life. Do you 8th nk it would have been different if you hadn't discovered your gift

Ally - 10/08/2016

Tips on how to move on and be assured our love ones are ok over the otherside

Cathy - 15/11/2016

Hi Ryan, I hope it is ok to ask a question? if loved ones pass and have had a hard life do they heel and are they happier in the spirit world please?

Mel - 22/11/2016

Hi, i cant leave my email for news letter :( because when i type in it starts with capitals can u sort out problem please x

Becky - 20/12/2016

Hi mel, doesn't matter if you email is in upper Or lower case as they are not cade sensitive x

Cathy - 15/11/2016

Hi Ryan, I have a question for you if this is Ok? When people pass over into the spirit world are they happier. for example if they had a hard life are they better on the other side? kind regards,

Ryan - 17/11/2016

Hell Cathy, Yes i find that spirit are happier particularly if they had a hard time here in the physical world! Ryan xx

Sarah - 05/09/2016

Hi Ryan, maybe things about how it all started for you. Readings that have perhaps moved you or are memorable. Reactions from people good and bad. Hope this helps. Also are you considering touring Peterborough way ? X

Ann - 21/10/2016

I would like a 3 card Romany gypsy card email reading please could you help me on this only on work what's in the future

Sharon Durber - 28/01/2018

Hi Ryan, I enjoyed reading your time just flies blog and found it very interesting. Would like to read more of these type of blogs. Would it be possible to write a blog on angels who protect our pets and how we can work with them.

Sally - 22/08/2016

Fabulas....love watching your work... much love Ryan and may it continue.. xxx