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8th February 2016 - 17:01

So in less than 24 hours the paranormal night in April at the P J McGuintys pub in Ipswich has sold out. A massive thank you for all of the support! We are sure you will all have a fantastic time. And this is just a few days after Ryan's 'Messages from spirit' night sells out at the Ipswich Library too. It looks like people are eager to meet him!

PJ Mcguintys is known for being one of the longest running pubs in Ipswich and is also high up on the list of haunted locations in Suffolk, England. Psychic Medium Ryan Gooding will be holding his very own spiritual evening here as he carries out a paranormal investigation to find the evidence that spirit really does exist. Many stories have been reported here from unexplained sounds to things moving on their own. There is also a famous story that one of the walls of the building has its very own heartbeat. 

It looks like it will be an adventurous night, one sure to make some a little unnerved. We look forward to hearing how this event goes. 

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