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Off Camera! Celebrity Haunted Mansion

Posted by Ryan Gooding

So it’s been a long time since I last did a blog and for that I apologise! 2018 just seems to be flying by and it has been incredibly busy for me since Celebrity Haunted Mansion on W Channel in February. I can say that sitting to do a Ouija board with Katie Price, Jay Hutton (Tattoo Fixers) and Simon Webbe (Boyband Blue) is one of the most surreal moments of my life! The reason I agreed to do this show was because everything you saw was genuine. No tricks of the camera, no night vision and no producers trying to fake activity!Several times have I turned down different things due to them not being genuine and with people wanting to fake the activity, something I don’t agree with.

(Christine Lampard and Matt Richardson - the presenters of the show)

If you didn’t see Celebrity Haunted Mansion, it was shown on W Channel at the end of February! Five nights of live television, investigating Woodchester Mansion in Stroud, Gloucestershire. From the moment I arrived at Woodchester Mansion I realised that this was a building holding a lot of history and also a lot of paranormal activity. I would definitely put this down as one of the most active places I have ever been to with so many spirits lingering in a Mansion that was never lived in.

(Me with the Celebrity finalists, Alison Hammond, Jay Hutton, Simon Gregson and Simon Webbe)

From the first night we started to experience paranormal activity from different energies. Obviously for those that watched you would have seen how the week unfolded but I wanted to share with you some of the experiences that weren’t seen on tv/camera as those were even more chilling, including the time that the Mansion became so overwhelming even I had to leave. Now if I leave what does that say for the others.

The Security Team

Obviously with such a big production, precious building and a group of celebrities the security at the Mansion was extremely high at all times and 24 hours a day the security team manned the building and area. The majority of the guys weren’t really believers of the paranormal, so it was going to be an easy week right! Well at least that is what hey thought to start with. On the second evening one of the security guys asked me why he had been hearing moaning noises throughout the night when the Mansion was empty. He wanted to know if I had heard anything like this? As a medium you always are going to hear noises in a building where there is without a doubt several presences. He had also felt a stone being thrown at him, which didn’t bounce off his leg, hovered in mid air before dropping vertically to the floor (something which there have been many reports of in the mansion). He was not the only one that experienced this on the team as the week went on. When fully security guards start asking you to walk them through the building as they don’t want to be alone, that says something right?!

The Shadow

There have been many reports of a hooded shadow being seen around different areas of the Mansion, especially in the chapel. This was something in particular that the celebrities wanted to focus on and see and for those that watched the programme you will remember the shadow figure that was caught on camera walking past Jack Osbourne. Now although I wasn’t there at that exact moment and we can’t be 100% sure what this was I can tell you that all members of crew and team had been accounted for at that moment it happened. Let’s just say it wasn’t just Jack that seemed to have an experience with this hooded figure. Very soon after arriving one of the crew members had seen this shadow, another non-believer nervously worried after the experience. It seemed she had seen this figure just around the corner in the Mansion from where the camera was on Jack Osbourne. This was again something that more and more people started to experience as the week went on, especially later on in the evening. Well here is the answer from the medium! Although I cannot tell you what it is or who it is there is definitely a dark figure roaming around the corridors of Woodchester Mansion. I see this figure every time I walked around. Although whatever it was never stood forward to communicate it definitely was an unsettled soul of some sort. One that wasn’t happy but also gave off a feeling of wanting us all to leave.

(The Celebrities on the first day of the series)

The Driveway

There is a long driveway that leads you up to the Mansion from the main roads which is almost one and a half miles long. It is surrounded by fields and woods with some occupying sheep and other animals. A team of the producers/crew that had visited the Mansion earlier on in the year had an experience when driving down the Mansion driveway where they were sure something had hit the car or the car had hit into something, however once getting out of the car there was nothing there to have caused the noise/feeling of bumping into something. Again many people were experiencing this at the same point of the driveway as the week went on. Each time we drove down to the Mansion I would be looking around and trying to zone into what may be causing this! After an overnight investigation filming the taxi driver picked me up in the car, and this time as we started to make the drive up the narrow driveway I felt different. That feeling of being watched by something. Without me saying anything the taxi driver turned around to say ‘Ryan do you feel anything along here? It feels very eerie tonight!’

Obviously I didn’t want to freak the driver out but said that I had got a strange feeling. We then came to the bend where everyone had been mentioning the experience of hitting something. Well we didn’t hit anything but all of a sudden all of the interior lights of the taxi came on. Out of the corner of my eye I witnessed a little girl spirit. One I believe experienced her passing here in the late 1700’s. Woodchester Mansion was not built until the mid 1800’s. it was this girl from the Manor House that stood here beforehand? One thing for sure, the taxi driver freaked out and told me he wasn’t coming back as this was unexplainable! When we arrived at the hotel he started talking away to me and I am sure he didn’t want me to leave him alone as he was scared! Whoever that was, she’s very active and obviously was trying to get the attention of the living.

The night I left the mansion!

So as some of you will know the live show was on from 9pm until 11pm. After the main live show the celebrities would split into their two teams and do an overnight investigation which was filmed and then shown the night after. On this particular night I wasn’t needed on camera but was asked to be around fo the celebrities but also to maybe explain anything that was to happen. The guys were in the room filming and calling out for the spirits to communicate with them and give them some evidence of their existence. Whilst they were doing this I was standing in the corridor alone. I stood still as I started to connect to a presence in the corridor, as many of you know as soon as I connect to a presence I want to know everything about them. As I stood trying to connect to this lost soul I started to feel very uncomfortable. Whatever or whoever this presence was, slowly it made me come over with panic and fear. Just as I decided that I was going to leave the building and didn’t feel safe the night time producer came walking around the corner to tell me that her hand and arm didn’t feel normal and she was feeling strange. We both looked at each other and said at the same time we wanted to leave and that is exactly what we did. To this day I don’t know what that presence was but this was another example of something that kept happening across the week to different people. And yes you guessed it, the night time producer was also sceptical about anything paranormal! This is only the second time in 28 years of being on this earth, after all of the places I have been that I have ever felt like this. I admit I was scared in that short moment, something I didn’t expect to feel!

(Me and Luisa Zissman, Luisa experinced this same sensation on her hand on the live hunt in the corridor, Luisa seemed to gain such a strong opening with spirit and I was gutted when she left! She definitely will be coming with me to more!) 

One thing is for sure, Woodchester Mansion certainly carries with it some stories. It is a place of sadness and a strange atmosphere. A building that was meant to be so grand and beautiful but was never finished! I definitely want to go back! And maybe next time I can find out even more about this fascinating place, with no cameras, no celebrities and no make up! Haha!

Be good people!

Ryan x
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Phil 'GhostWatchers Inc' Jones - 12/03/2018

Great venue, love going there :)