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People Come and Go ........

Posted by Ryan Gooding
Ever wondered, like I have many times why so many people come and go in ours lives? When I look back at my wedding day which was 2 years and 9 months ago I think how different our guest list would be if we were doing it today. I can also remember family members that I thought when I was younger would definitely be at my wedding day that weren't there. I often sit and wonder why this is? Why is it that at one point we can be so close to somebody but then after time this friendship/relationship grows or falls apart. Sometimes it is upsetting when people we loved are no longer in our lives but then I believe that if we look into this deeper we then realise that actually there is a very great reason for this. One that spirit have confirmed to me time and time again, although it has taken me this long to realise just how right they are.  

(My wedding day, we released doves in memory of a close friend we lost to the spirit world.)

Think back to somebody that was in your life that is no longer around. Maybe a friend, family member or even a work colleague. Somebody that you genuinely cared about and thought would be a 'forever' friend. Then have a think about one of these reasons for them not being in your life:

1. They came into your physical life on earth and you learnt what they were meant to teach you or maybe they served their purpose in your life and had no other reason to still be there.

2. You outgrew the connection you had with one another. You were in a similar place or situation when you met, but at the time you grew apart you had moved onto another phase of your life.

3. They were in your life to teach you a lesson, you learnt the lesson and it was time to move on. 

The likely hood is that one of these reasons fits the reason that you went your own ways. Many times throughout my work I see people beating themselves up or feeling bad/guilty that someone has left their life and gone a different way. It could be that you have served your purpose to them too. In life this has happened to me several times and it has taken me until now at the age of 27 to realise this and I had the help of spirit.

I remember having a friend that was the funniest person to be around. We would laugh, joke around have fun and act like children even though we were young adults. We slowly grew apart and went very different ways. At the time I was devastated as we were meant to be 'best friends' forever! I then realised that at the time we were both learning the same thing. We were both learning that partners can be disloyal and untrustworthy. Just because you love somebody does not mean that they are right for you and it certainly doesn't mean that it will last forever. Shortly after this we went our separate ways. We never had a big fall out or crossed words but new people came into her life and I had new people coming into mine. I had moved onto a time when work and career was my main focus and was very important to me. She had found a new partner and was moving onto a time in her life where becoming a mother was important. We had served our purposes to each other. We got each other through a very difficult time and for that she will always be a strong memory of mine and I will always respect everything she did at this time. It was when my psychic career took off that I then met somebody else. Somebody that would do things to me that no-one should do to a person but guess what, yes you got it. She had walked into my life to teach me a very valuable lesson and to get me onto the right path at the same time.

Now although I am very open about my own feelings I have never liked to put people down publicly for things that have happened in my past or things that people have done to me. The reason for this is because I strongly believe that they are also on their own physical journey learning their own lessons, so who am I to judge anybody for just going about their physical life learning what they chose to learn when they got here. I mean lets face it, it doesn't matter how people live this life, we all end up in the same place as much as that can be hard for our human brains to understand at times. This friend however was the person that convinced me that working in an opticians was not my destiny and that if I put in the hard work I could become a 'full-time' medium. And even though I had the burning fire within me to make it a success I never thought I would have the following I now have and the very busy diary I have too. I am still so thankful for that. This friend started this journey with me and I honestly believed she would be there until the very end of the journey. Just 18 months later after many findings of things that were being done behind my back we went our separate ways. Many people asked me why spirit had not told me of these things. I believe they kept quiet as it was a lesson I needed to learn. That lesson was that i should not have people telling me how to run my life and career and that I had to do that myself. Someone overpowering you is not needed for me and I learnt that from this. I also learnt to not just trust people so easily and that nobody does anything for nothing.

(A night with friends in 2016)

So you may be thinking 'Ryan just get to the point'. Well here is the point, if people are walking out of our lives remember that there is more than likely no need for them anymore. Maybe once they have gone you will realise that life has changed for you and new friends are on their way. Although it is great to have lots of family and friends in your life, it is even better to have a few that are trustworthy and have your back. The truth is, the only person that you can guarantee will walk the whole of your life with you is yourself. If you can love yourself and be happy and proud of the person you are, then you become a greater friend to those around you. We all have lessons to learn here before we head to the spirit world, and sometimes people are simply around to teach us those lessons or guide us through them. As harsh as it sounds once their purpose has gone, they go too.

A little quote for you to think about:

"Those who walked out of your life, were never strong enough to fight the battle of your life in the first place. Only you can do that."

Love always,
Ryan xx
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Jane Bowden - 14/02/2017

Honest words, i can relate to all the above xx

April Harris - 20/01/2018

I can also relate to all of the above, it's so good of you sharing this it helped me to understand things better. You sound like a wonderful person Ryan. I wish you a wonderful and happy future x

Heather - 12/02/2017

That is so true, but sometimes it is hard to let go, especially if that person does not want to let you go.