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Spirit Mountain

Posted by Ryan Gooding
It goes without saying that this was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! So as some of you will know recently we took a trip over to Las Vegas for my husbands birthday earlier this month! There is just so much that I could write about in a blog and share with you and for those of you that have been to Las Vegas you will know exactly why I say that. An adventure playground for adults! Seeing Celine Dion was a massive highlight of the trip along with Darren (my husband) having a winning streak every night in the casinos! However our helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon was completely out of this world! I was very nervous about getting in the helicopter, having never done it before and so was Darren. Turned out I loved it although I am not sure Darren would jump at the chance again haha! We went over Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and then reached the Grnad Canyon. What was extra special about the trip was that we landed within the canyon, sat down and had a meal along with a nice cold bottle of champagne. 

(A selfie in the Grand Canyon, why not? haha)

If you have been before you will understand me when I say that the Grand Canyon simply takes your breath away and is one of the most intriguing yet beautiful places I have ever been to see. That feeling of being in the middle of nowhere is sometimes a lifting feeling. As you stand within the canyon, simply because of its size you just do not know where to look. I was most excited to have been lucky enough to do this helicopter trip and getting there and back meant being up in the air for over an hour looking at the different views and places with the pilot, Mike telling us all of the interesting facts as we went along! I am not sure the rattle snake we found just before sitting down to have dinner in the Canyon was the most comforting thing but still interesting to see.

(We even got flowers at the dinner table, now that is extra special haha!)

As we were flying back Mike told us all about a special mountain to the Hualapai Tribe, a tribe that is believed to have been present at the Grand Canyon for over 800 years. Today the Hualapai Nation covers about one million acres, with 108 miles of Colorado River frontage extending from Lake Mead in the west to the boundary of the Hayasupai Reservation in the east. The Hualapais have a tourist destination known as Grand Canyon West, visited by about 40,000 people annually. In March 2007, the tribe opened the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a glass-bottomed walkway that juts 70 feet out from the canyon rim. Visitors can look down to see the Colorado River almost 4,000 feet beneath their feet. 

The special Mountain Mike showed us is a mountain named 'Spirit Mountain'. Spirit Mountain is owned by the Hualapai tribe. It is basically a graveyard for those that pass away from the tribe. However unlike our graveyards this is not an eerie place. It is the tallest mountain in the area and the tribe believe that by putting their loved ones there they have the best view of the area and the Canyon in their afterlife. How amazing is that! Now as many of you know I always say it does not really matter what happens to the body after our spirit move onto the after life. I always believe a place of rest actually means a lot more for those still living than the person that has passed. A place to remember a loved one, or to take that moment out and have a chat taking flowers for special occasions out of respect. 

(Looking over Lake Mead, Spirit Mountain is in the background.)

I just thought however this was a lovely idea in such a beautiful place and that I would share that with you. I was part tempted to go back and find Spirit Mountain, climb to the top and see what spirit were there. I then realised because of the size of the mountain I was probably being a little too ambitious but it was a great thought. Remember guys it does not matter where our loved ones are laid to rest to them, they follow and watch over us no matter where we are. You do not have to go to a grave or a sea side where they were scattered for them to know you care, just simply say it; they will hear. 

The trip to Vegas was a special one although after being home just over a week I am well and truly back into the work routine of working with spirit. I could not think of a better work routine to be in because as you all know, I am lucky and blessed to be able to do what I do and I enjoy every minute of it. Well almost every minute ;).

Take Care,

Ryan Gooding 


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Hayley - 01/05/2017

Hi! Wow the scenery is stunning! And I agree that is a beautiful idea lovely blog - thank you x

Sue barber - 15/05/2017

Sounds rea love Ryan x x