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Table Tipping

Posted by Ryan Gooding
So it may sound crazy to some of you when we talk about table tipping. You instantly imagine a table flying across the room. I can hear you all questioning in your head "Why would a medium need a table to communicate with spirit? And why something as big as a table?" Well Table Tipping has been going on for many many years. And although I have no need to use a table to communicate with spirit myself, it is a great way of getting evidence of the spirit world that people can see themselves. Table tipping is normally used on paranormal evenings as part of the investigation to get some evidence of the afterlife. So you all join hands and say the opening passage to make spirit aware that we want them to communicate with us and that we want them to use the table to prove their existence. Once we have invited the spirits in we then place our hands flat on the table and hope that they use our energy to move, tip or even lift the table. 

It was a late evening when we had been begging my Dad to show us this 'table tipping' he had been explaining to us, we wanted to have a go at it ourselves. For those of you that do not know, my Dad himself has a connection to the spirit world. He pretty much taught me most of what I know and I even call him sometimes now and ask about certain experiences I have had with spirit to hear his thoughts. He finally agreed that he would show us and do it with us. Now my brother was there doing this with us and as we asked for spirit to step forward he was convinced the table was rocking, then shortly later the table started visibly rocking. Still to this day I believe that my brother was doing this. I never trusted anything like this we did with him. Although we didn't get any activity that night it was fun and I remember my Dad telling me "You have to be patient with these things Ryan". My brothers hands had been on the table too firmly for my liking.

Me and a group taking part in table tipping

Eventually one night I saw what spirit could really do with table tipping. When I was younger and I had left home for a little while I lived with somebody in a studio flat. This was a particularly bad time in my life one when I was surrounded by a lot of negative people. A friend called Megan was close at the time and we had decided that we wanted to do some table tipping. Although Megan believed strongly in my abilities as a medium she was very sceptical of anything paranormal etc so she really wasn't expecting what happened that night. It was just me and her in the little flat that I lived in. It was a cold flat and very small. We had a little side table, probably no bigger than 100cm long and 50cm wide. We lit a couple of tea-light candles and sat them on the top of the table. We sat at the small table and started to invite the spirits forward. I can remember Megan laughing saying "What are we doing? This table is never going to move". We rested our hands on the table very gently so that our palms were just touching the table. We sat for quite a while with nothing happening having the odd giggle. It was just as Megan was ready to give up with me reminding her what my Dad had said .... "You have to be patient with these things Ryan", that the tea lights went out. 

"Stop messing around Ryan" Megan said to me nervously. I remember trying to convince Megan that I hadn't done anything. She didn't believe me so i re-lit the candles and stood up and placed myself in the corner of the room. "Now ask again" I said. And to her surprise out go the candles. I don't know what I was more excited about, seeing the activity with my very own eyes or the fact that Megan was now realising that it wasn't me that had blown out the candles. I had not at this point quite worked out who was doing this from the spirit world but I was extremely excited that whoever it was, they were willing to communicate through physical objects. I then re-joined Megan at the table placing our palms gently once again and asking spirit to move, tip or lift the table. to my amazement, and still to this day one of the most amazing experiences of paranormal activity I have ever had the table rocked until all four legs eventually lifted off the floor.  It was probably a matter of five or ten seconds that the table was lifted but I remember it as if that table was in the air for hours. Megan wanted to leave the flat straight away so we went down to the local pub as she had forgotten her house key and was waiting for her partner to get home before returning. I returned to the flat once she left and all felt calm and quiet. Megan had asked me who had lifted the table and at the time I wasn't sure. However on my return I can remember walking into the tiny square kitchen and there stood a man spirit. He wasn't too old and I believe he came from the train line that ran close to the flats we lived in, he had obviously died very tragically. He looked at me and grinned as if to say "Never underestimate this spirit world".

Several times after that night I tried again to do the table tipping in that same room with others and we never got the same result. Megan had never been round again and I lost contact with her shortly after this which I have always believed was because of the fear it put into her. I then learned that I had been so lucky to see this table lift, an experience from spirit, that the reason they weren't doing it again was because it wasn't some kind of freak show. Now I always say that whenever doing anything like this, you do it with somebody who is experienced and has a strong link to the spirit world to be aware of what is going on. But if you do ever get the chance to do it with a medium, give it a go, because if it does work it truly is something special to witness.......

MY NEXT BLOG COMING SOON - Why people come in and out of our lives - a journey of lessons.

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