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Talking teaches you!

Posted by Ryan Gooding



Here we are at the end of January 2018! February is now here! 


January has been a very full on month for me with my one to one readings and my group readings in people’s homes. It has been great to see old faces along with new ones too and connecting them to our loved ones. I have suddenly realised recently that once one challenge in this life is over we are soon faced by another and that life never really does quieten down. We always have goals ahead of us, things we want to achieve and others to look out for and help along the way.


This month I met a lovely lady who came to see me for a one to one reading! You can never quite know what to expect when somebody walks into the room for a reading, and although I am psychic, I do not always know what the reading ahead of me will be about and who will come through to speak to the person sitting nervously in front of me. The reason I am writing about this experience is because it taught me a lot.

This lady had been trying for many years to have a baby. Unfortunately, in this life she has never been blessed with a child, something that she really wants. She has a great relationship with the children in her life, her friend’s children and nieces and nephews. At the end of 2017 she ran into some medical problems and was given an emergency hysterectomy, meaning that she now knows she will never have the children she so desperately wants. Speaking with this lady and hearing her story saddened me so much. I then had a little think about how some of us take for granted the things we have or can have and that not everybody can have those things so easily. 

It made me think that I wanted to approach 2018 a little differently. I want to become someone that understands other better and listens to their stories and tries to understand where they are coming from. Something as a gay man myself that I do not understand but taught me so much and I am so grateful for this lady as in that session with her she made me look at things so differently and that has taught me to be a better person. Maybe if we all talked about things a little more we would start to understand each other better and could learn from each other.

In this modern world the art of conversation is being lost with emails, telephones and social media. Put your phone down, turn the internet off and every now and then just talk, because talking teaches you so much. 

I am pleased to tell you that this lady has since messaged me to say she has now started the process of adopting a child or children. She told me that her conversation with me taught her something to. She wrote:

"You have made me realise that no i will never have my own biological child, but you also made me realise that I can still become a Mum. Thank you."

Look after each other people, it can be a tough world out there!

Be good and see you soon!

Ryan xx

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Tracey - 24/02/2018

Oh so true Ryan you have a beautiful gift that many believe and some may not and some may sit on the fence not sure but what I do know is when I first met you not only do you know things about people and there loved ones , you listen you don't judge you make things easier to unstand why things happen the way they do and I bless you for all of those gifts . X

Cath - 03/02/2018

️ ️ ️ ️ ️

Lynsey Bessent - 01/02/2018

As always lovely to hear your thoughts. In my job every day teaches me to see things in a fresh way, and I find in my own life too everyday brings something new. The hardest part is being able to sometimes see the lesson and accept it in the hardest of times but I believe by doing that we learn and grow ourselves. Talking to others isn't always easy but sometimes it can be worth the struggle. Can't wait to see you soon xxx