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Time just flies.....

Posted by Ryan Gooding
Hello everybody, I do hope you are all keeping well. Can you believe it is November already? The cold mornings have set in, some parts of the country have already had snow and the shops are full of Christmas things. Before we know it we will be holding hands singing Auld Lang Syne bringing in 2017. I was doing a reading just the other day and this dear little boy came through for his mother. She had lost him when he was just 6 years old in a hit and run car accident. This was back in 2004 and she asked me why it had taken so long to get a message from him considering that she has seen over ten psychic mediums before me since his passing. "What has taken him so long" she asked me. I explained to her that spirit do not have time and she seemed surprised by this. I then remembered that not everybody knows as much as others about the afterlife. I then wondered how many people didn't realise that spirit don't have time? So I thought it would be a good idea to write a little about this for people. 

Imagine a world with no mornings and no afternoons. Imagine never having to be 'on time' and being able to rock up as and when you feel like it. There are no days, weeks, months or years in spirit. Time stands still and all is happening at once. When spirit come through to give us messages they recognise our times and days etc and this is a great way for them to give evidence when giving birthdays, special dates and talking about what we have done on certain days. However spirit no longer have the worry of running around getting from here and there on time. 

As I am writing this I then think about everything I have been up to today. I got up early and had so much to do that I have been running around mad since early this morning and now I am sitting here late at night thinking could I not have held of until tomorrow to write this blog post as it's late and my friend Kayleigh will be ready and waiting for me to do a workout with her at the gym early in the morning before I start my readings. There you go 'time' again. We meet people at certain times when making arrangements. We have to start work at a certain time and all of my readings are booked for particular times tomorrow. This then got me thinking how lovely it would be for time to not exist. Imagine being able to spend every moment in life not rushing and running around to get things done by a certain date or deadline. Many of us will be running around in December trying to prepare for the 25th December a date/deadline us living beings choose to meet and then as soon as that is done we start planning for the new year celebrations, again celebrating this at midnight because us living beings choose to run our lives so much around times and dates.

So I have a challenge for you. Why not try to spend a couple of days forgetting the clock. Take your watch off, put your mobile phone clock away and just spend a moment without time. Make no plans or arrangements and just spend a couple of days living without deadlines and worries. Don't set a time for dinner, don't set a time for bed and don't rush anything. It's sounds impossible right? Well this is how our loved ones live over on the other side and they seem to live a much less stressful life than we do. It would be impossible to live by this day in day out in the physical world but every now and again this could do us some good. I really believe that this is a great way to spend a few days just to connect to our souls and spiritual side more and forget about all in the physical world.

Anyway I best get myself ready for bed. After all it is bedtime! Haha! Imagine that not having to sleep. Spirit don't sleep, they have no psychical body to recharge. I now hear 101 questions in your head you now want to ask me.  Oh dear look what I have started! Anyway have you got time to be reading this? You better check your watch and see where you are meant to be.

Be Good!


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Kathy Grainger - 17/11/2016

All very true ryan, we all run our lives by the clock! We Are very lucky and Time doesn't exist for us when we're on our boat on the Norfolk broads, It's not The mediteranean but it helps us unwind. No worries by name, no worries by nature when we're on afloat. Keep up with your amazing work but remember to make "time" for you!

Kayleigh - 17/11/2016

Beautiful writing ryan, we can all get caught up with the process of "time" Thank tou for reminding me to take a step back and just enjoy what is happening right now. Lots of love

Ryan - 17/11/2016

Thank you for your comment Kayleigh! Yes enjoy the here and now! Ryan x