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What being a medium teaches you!

Posted by Ryan Gooding
So you guys must often wonder what it is like being a medium? Hearing voices and seeing people that nobody else can see or hear. Well it is different to say the least, however it teaches you so much. I remember when I worked in an opticians, although I enjoyed my job I felt I needed to do more to help people. I wanted a job where I could walk away at the end of the day and say "Today I really helped somebody". I was very lucky when I made the jump from working a full time job to going out on my own to try and make my dream a reality and sit here writing this right now in a little disbelief that I am now booking for 2018 due to such a manic diary and so many bookings. I am still grateful for all of the support I have received. I still walk out in front of audiences amazed that evenings have sold out, I still get an excited feeling when I receive an email thanking me for the help I have given somebody through a reading and I still feel surprised so many people are interested in my work by visiting my website, social media pages and workshops etc. However something I guess I never really thought about was how doing this job would help me as a person and emotionally. I was naive to the fact that it would make me grow as a person and see the world from a totally different prospective.  

So I want to tell you about a day I had recently that really taught me a lot. It made me realise how sometimes we as people on this earth plain can worry about the most silly things and forget the big things that matter. I mean you only have to think about the recent events in Westminster, London to realise how lucky some of us really are. 

So just a normal day in the world of Ryan Gooding I guess, having five readings booked in and then an audience in the evening. For me that is nothing unusual and just a normal day. Even I could not have predicted what was going to come through in those last three readings that day and I'm the one that is psychic. So here is a little bit of an insight of what came through in those readings that day.

Reading 1:

A young guy who I guess did not really believe in what I did, he had told me he was intrigued as a few friends had seen me and he just wondered what I may say to him if he came himself. Very early on in his reading I felt the presence of his father coming through. As his father starts to give me evidence of himself connecting with me, he then shows me that he had not been in the spirit world for very long. In fact he had only been there since December 2016. To give you even more detail he actually died on Christmas Eve. A death at anytime of the year is sad but I always think around a time when family should all be together that a passing must around this time be a constant reminder every year of the tragic events of that year. As I am telling the young guy all of this he makes it clear to me that he is shocked about the detail and evidence of his fathers spirit I was giving him and he really hadn't expected any of this. He also made me aware that he actually booked the reading before his Dad died and had been told that I believe it takes a little while after a person dies to actually come through to a medium. He then asked me if I knew how his Dad had died. Sadly I had to reply that his Dad had committed suicide after the divorce of his wife, the young guys Mum. The guilt that this young guy was feeling was very sad and to be able to comfort him in his time of need and reassure him that his Dad was around and that he was OK was a gift in itself. 

Reading 2:

So after the previous reading I already felt a little drained. I sat my next lady down in my reading room and took five minutes to sort myself out and let go of this emotion I had felt in the previous reading so that I had a clear mind ready to connect her to any loved ones that wanted to come through. As I walked back into the room and sat down with this lady I instantly felt her heartache. Heartache I have never felt myself within my own life. It was as if everything for this lady had just gone completely wrong, the reason for this was because it had. Within the last two years this lady who I would guess was in her late 50's had lost her husband, son and daughter. Yes both of her two children had passed. One in an accident and one to cancer within 8 months of each other. She then 12 months later lost her husband, the father of both children to an unexpected heart attack. The three closest people she had in her life had all gone in just less than two years. Once again connecting her to her loved ones was an amazing feeling for her and gave her comfort. This lady had walked in my reading room looking drained and pale yet left with a smile on her face and a little colour in her face. As the reading finished I asked her if she minded me asking her a question. She said it was fine to ask anything. I asked her "How do you carry on in life when you lose all of those people one after the other?" she replied "My daughters son is 5, he needs somebody as his Dad walked out of his life before he was born and I am the one bringing him up.".

Reading 3:

As you can imagine I was in total ore of the last lady I had seen and was now even more drained and questioning how I would make it through another reading. My head was pounding and also stuck thinking about these two very sad readings. Then in came my last reading. Part of me doubted I would even be able to make a connection but in true spirit form they came pushing through for her. Now taking another guess I would say that this young lady was around 24/25 and as soon as she sat down in come her Dad and her Brother in spirit. I was so astounded and once again through came the evidence to prove to this young lady that her Brother and her Dad were fine and safe in spirit. Another amazing reading and another person that left with so much more positive energy than she had come in with. 

So what did this teach you Ryan I hear you asking. After the readings I was in the need of a real break before heading back out in the evening to meet an audience, so off I went into the house to relax and chill. I also thought this would be a good time to have a look at my emails and messages etc that needed responding to by myself. As I sat down there was a certain email that I needed to send with an attachment from my laptop. After trying several times of it failing to send there I am in a stress, checking the Wi-Fi is working hitting the keys of my laptop in frustration trying to figure out why this was not sending. I then sat back, and reminded myself of the people I had met throughout the day and what awful events they had been through. It really did not matter than the email would not send. It could wait because actually whilst in this modern world we all rush around, spend time glued to our mobile phones, tablets and computers. You see people getting angry that a friend has 'tagged' them in a photo on social media that 'doesn't have a filter on.'  People moaning because a pint of milk has gone up by three pence in a year, the government arguing with the EU over Brexit. I see people shouting at their partner because they forgot to pick up washing powder at the shop. Friends moaning about each other because they 'copied their outfit' or said something that 'caused offense'. Families organising a wedding dreading the table plan because 'Aunt Lynn' might be sitting on their table which will 'do their head in'.

The big mistake we are all making is whilst worrying about all of these silly little things that really do not matter we are missing the big things. We are forgetting the importance of the people around us. Once somebody has gone it does not matter how much money you have, how many 'likes' on Facebook you have and whether an email will send or not, you cannot get that person back. And although you will see this loved one in spirit and be reunited you must continue your life on this earth plain without that loved one.  It certainly makes me think about how lucky I am and maybe reading this will show you just how lucky you are too? Maybe it won't because you also are suffering with a loss? All I can tell you is that those lost will be found again in spirit and the only thing keeping you from not seeing them and hearing them is time. They have not gone, you just cannot see them. None of us will completely stop all of these things we do and will forget at times just how lucky we are but this really makes you think right?

Be Good People! Please leave a comment in the comments below! 

Ryan x 

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Michelle - 05/12/2017

Dear Ryan, thank you so much...thoroughly enjoyed reading that....so true.....Happy Christmas and God Bless. Michelle x

Rebecca - 17/04/2017

I left a heart felt message but it wasnt posted. All the best ryan x

lynsey Bessent - 29/03/2017

As always your insights are so good, I get annoyed when you get the haters on facebook because they do not understand how much you can help or comfort people through your gift. I often encounter a similar problem with my job as people fail to understand the significant positive impact Counselling can have on someone's life. Like you I feel that even if I can just make a difference for one person it will be worth it. I have days where I struggle and doubt myself, and reading your blog and writing this has reminded me why I do this. Thanks Ryan xxx

Mandy farthing - 29/03/2017

Its heartbreaking loosing it loved ones you are truly amazing Ryan ' I really must have a reading With u soon. I keep putting it of because something is Telling me don't ( I wonder why?) Xxxx

Lee - 12/09/2017

Hi ryan i had a three card gypsey reading watched you on youtube i think what you do is give people hope and comfort about loved ones slightley diappointed it wasnt you personleybwho did my email reading

Jane - 10/06/2017

Goodness Ryan those readings must have brought such comfort to those poor people. I lost my mother 18 months ago and still struggle at times. Knowing she is safe in Spirit world is comforting, hopefully onr day she will come through at one of your evening events. I so enjoy your evening events and looking forward to the next one. Well done you.

Julie Kett - 29/03/2017

Ryan you have as Ever hit the nail on the head. Compassion and the gift You have to share to Those who need an uplift When life Has dealt them a blow like the readings you highlight tomthose of us who admire yiur gift is what our beautiful soirit world is abiut. Love compassion and proving that our loved ones are still there watching over us and also imparting insight into why they took action Like your first reading. Thank yiu for sharing and reminding us to be Kind and remember in Our own way Our fellow man and woman. Continue your good work But remember to take time out to rest as well! It is allowed. We all know yku will co tunue to spread the word and love of spieit in your own special way and thank you for your words of wisdom

Amanda Strowger - 29/03/2017

Great blog Ryan. I have just been up to a young man's grave who was 18 years old and buried a week today. I planted Lavender so he can always feel a sense of calmness and will always sleep well. God bless you for your gift Ryan i have passed Your blog on to the young man's mother xx

debbie - 22/07/2017

wow what a day, and how right you are ,we should all learn from your experience , its very humbling. debbie Debbie

Jane Bowden - 29/03/2017

Your words are so true, we need to breath & think how lucky we are in life. We need to take note of your spec gift getting in touch With our loved ones. One fay i eill come for a one to ond reading. I'm looking fo to McGinty's in Ipswich in April. I love Reading your how you have helped people Jane x

Teresa - 03/08/2017

SOOOO true Ryany. I count myself lucky every day. Reading your blog is refreshing you are amazing. Xx

Stacie - 29/03/2017

Wow what amazing words ryan.. it really was. So true.. you always take for granted things you have. Until you don't have them anymore. . You really are such an amazing person ryan. And you have such a wonderful gift.. just seeimg you at an event gives me butterflies because of what you do. You are just so amazing.. keep up your hard work.. you are such a star.. love stacie x x x x x

Georgina Dennis - 31/05/2017

You do amazing work and bring comfort to a lot of people I have never seen you but follow you on Facebook I've recommended you to a few people too. Keep up the good work Georgina

Tracy C - 30/09/2017

Brilliant as always , as I read this I m sure like others , I knew someone who had simpler situations and it made me stop and think , how lucky We. Are to have our loved ones and families around us and maybe we should just give that extra cuddle or kiss and appreciate the love ️ and friendship we have . Thank you Ryan , what a lovely script you wrote .

Pat Parker - 29/03/2017

Ryan you just amaze me I have had readings with you with my daughters and been to your shows and each time feel more comfort these dear people will gain so much comfort from meeting you sending love x

Julie gilroy - 29/03/2017

Hello Ryan having attended an evening with you at diss rugby club last year i am in awe of your talent having lost all of my family to the other side i only have my children and grand babies here now so i am the only one left who remembers how our lives were in the past .I wish you all the luck in the world you will become very successful sending all good wishes x

Sally Gray - 24/04/2017

You are the most amazing medium ever...That's it!!! Xxx

Ryan Gooding - 27/04/2017

Awwww thank you x

Val - 01/04/2017

Thank you for seeing me on Thursday Ryan. There are so many unanswered questions, my situation was never going to be easy. I left feeling comforted and stronger and look forward to meeting you again.

Rebecca wilson - 06/04/2017

Im not even sure how to start other than you have given hope to someone who is so terrified of dying and leaving her children, that she barely sleeps a few hours each night. I nearly died of unprevoked pulmourey embolisems in 2015 i struggled to breathe on my kitchen floor infront of 2 of my children. This was a result of drs misdiagnosing for 3 weeks. Anyway i have 2 disabled sons a daughter who is going into her teens and a baby boy .the need to be with them has me on edge every minute of every day, im currently going through health issues again and yet again drs are ignoring my concerns. Im labled "anxious" the irony right?. But after reading what you have written and often watching you on the big book im truley no longer frightened not only that, but ive spent every day for 6 months worrying 'that ive missed out on prescious time with the people i worry about leaving!. So i just want to say - you ryan gooding are as pure as the driven snow and i say that from the bottom of my heart

admin - 12/04/2017

Thank you x