Texts Cost £1.50, Complicated replies may require 2 texts.

To stop text STOP. We may send promotional material. To Opt out text END. Service provided by Ryan Gooding Medium Ltd Help 03330090459 18+ only. For Entertainment purposes.

 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My psychic text reading service is the perfect option for those wanting a quick message or a bit of guidance on the go. Unlike many psychic companies I know every single reader personally and have developed most of them, so I know you are in safe hands, Myself or my team of psychics will be able to give you the insight and guidance that you need as quick as we possibly can. There is no subscription and you can request your reading 24/7.

Text Message Readings FAQ's

1. What if there are no readers available?
We aim to answer your text as soon as possible. Although we cannot guarantee that readers will be online 24/7, we will try our best to answer your text at the soonest opportunity.

2.Will I receive random messages charging me £1.50?
This is NOT a subscription service and any promotional messages sent will be free of charge. You will only be charged when you have sent a text asking for a reading.

3. What is the cost of the reading?
The reading is charged at £1.50 per message received and will contain a maximum of 2 text messages. You may be asked the option of wanting to continue your reading but this is down to you and you do not have to continue. 

4. I have sent my date of birth but received no reply.
To use this service you must be 18 years or older.

5. Can I request a reader or Ryan himself?
We want you to receive your reading as soon as possible so will therefore pass you onto the next available reader. Messages answered by Ryan will be signed RG at the end.