Ryan Gooding, The Modern Medium, the up and coming medium everybody is talking about! From the tender age of four years old Ryan was passing on messages to loved ones from the world of spirit. After years of growing up, now 25 Ryan hosts readings and public demonstrations across the UK and overseas. Ryan also does Telephone and Skype readings worldwide and is quickly becoming very well known in the industry for his direct accuracy and charming personality. In 2015 Ryan was featured in The Sun on Sunday Newspaper after being put to the test and demonstrating such accuracy through his work. Ryan was featured in the Daily Mail along with Daniella Westbrook (Eastenders Soap Star) after hosting an evening of readings to an audience packed with celebrity guest. He has built such a great reputation for himself he has done readings for many celebrities including Gemma Collins (TOWIE), Alex Reid and Union J (Boyband). Ryan appears in Soul and Spirit magazine each month as a Psychic Superhero answering readers questions and has also been featured in Take a Break’s Fate and Fortune magazine. Ryan headed out on his first ever UK TOUR – ‘Believe it or not’ in October 2015 and will be heading to Scotland, Essex, Suffolk and Staffordshire!

Getting to Know Ryan Interview:

Well where do we start Ryan?

Well that is a very good question! I can only start by saying that I adore the work I do mainly because of the comfort, hope and guidance that it gives to people.

When did you first notice that you had this ‘gift’?

That is a really hard question to answer because from a very young age, around 4 or 5 I was aware of spirit but I didn’t really understand what I was seeing and hearing. Once I hit high school I remember things getting much stronger and the spirit world become more clear to me so then the more I understood it. I was able to give full readings to people confidently at the age of 14. Did you ever think that you would be sharing this gift with so many people? I may be psychic but I never see that one coming! I think it was all to do with confidence having had a difficult time in my teenage years. I never really thought anybody would want to hear about it but my guide Kathy said to me at the age of 16 that this would happen and I never believed her. I
learnt very quickly to follow everything that Kathy says.

Who is Kathy?

Kathy is my spirit guide, she is the one that allows me to do all of the work I do and has taught me so much of what I know about the spirit world. I knew Kathy when she was living and I used to love doing her garden for her or chores around her house to help her out. Once she passed she very quickly came to me to help me out with my gift and now we work together as a team. We call her the ‘Lady in Red’.

Tell us about being on stage in front of a live audience. How does it feel up there passing messages on?

I love it! I love the reward of being able to connect somebody to their loved one if only for a few minutes to reassure them that they have not gone anywhere and they are watching everything. I also love having a laugh with the audience and you can really feel the audience joining in. I always say it is a rollercoaster watching me live on stage. One minute we are all laughing and then the next we are in floods of tears!

Do you cry when on stage?

I rarely cry on stage but I sometimes have a tear in my eye when a beautiful message comes up. There was one time when I was connecting a lady to her son who had passed as a child. I got so emotional because I could just feel the ladies pain yet feel the joy from her son being able to communicate with her. I cried my eyes out so I had to stop take a break and then continue. It must feel great to share these emotional journeys with people? It really is. One minute I am helping somebody grieve for a lost parent, the next I can be helping someone through an addiction. You have a son or daughter come to say hello, and then you are helping a family through their problems and worries about health, relationships, finances, and all sorts.
There is no limit to what spirit can do and if it is possible I have heard it, dealt with it and guided somebody through it.

So how is being in a one to one reading different to being on stage?

In a one to one reading the only people listening are me, the person having the reading done, spirit and the 4 walls. This means we can talk about anything and everything with the confidence that nobody is listening. I find spirit go into more detail and are far more open in a one to one reading.

Do you think you will ever stop what you are doing and do a different job?
You are only 26 so you have many more working years to come? 

For as long as people want me to do this work I will keep doing it. I never ever expected the demand that there is today and for that I am thankful to everybody that supports me. All I do is the best I can with the best I have got!