My wife regularly went to see Ryan and she would come home and say that he was spot on with everything that he said. I would say “Yeah, whatever” and would disbelieve that Ryan could pass on messages from the other side. My wife suggested I should go and see for myself what goes on at an event with Ryan so I did. My wife and I sat there and I listened to people getting messages coming through for them and yet I was sceptical and then everything changed….. Ryan spoke to my wife and I and said there’s a few spirits here for us, 1 being my best friend that passed over in 2009. Ryan proceeded to give me my messages and I was simply dumbfounded and overwhelmed at the same time. He reduced me to tears and now I can honestly say I believe in his work and would highly recommend anyone to go and see one of Ryan’s events. He brings humour with him and makes the event an entertainment. A must see for anyone.

Lee Coe

I have said this beforebutwillsayitagainRyanGooding is one of the best mediums I have seen in a number of years. His gift gives support to those who require it at pertinent stages of their life, showing that the true world of spirit does continue and that love never dies and that your loved ones draw close just to let you know they are there and continue that love link from their world. Ryan does true spiritual work and spreads the uplifting world of the spirit kingdom in his own particular way but also where required shows caring.

Julie Kett

My sister, mum and I had a reading with you and you knew so much. It brought us all a lot of comfort in a difficult time.

Jane Fuller

I saw Ryan at a charity event and at a paranormal event. I was a complete sceptic beforehand and Ryan totally changed my opinion and I am now looking forward to seeing Ryan at a future event. I have heard so many peoples positive experiences with Ryan and how accurate he is and I have witnessed this first hand. Definitely a believer now!

Sharon Pooley

I Had a very recent one to one reading with Ryan on March 17th 2016. Ryan really is the ultimate medium and was 100% spot on with everything he told me, I will be booking another one in the future Ryan is truly amazing x

Kelly Barker

Having been a sceptic before seeing Ryan, he got everything about my life in 2015 spot on, he told me I would fall pregnant with my third child which would be a boy, he was correct, he told me he saw around £1000 unexpected money at a time I was really struggling financially, I got an unexpected bonus from work which was £986. He then told me I would move twice which I totally disbelieved would happen and guess what, in December 2015 I moved for the second time having moved already in March 2015 too. Simply amazing!

Sarah Baker

I have been having readings with psychics and mediums for many years. However Ryan is simply untouchable and better than any of the big names in his industry I have seen. He really is the ‘Modern Medium’. Watching him on stage or being in a one to one or phone reading, Ryan’s presence captivates you and is a moment you don’t forget.

Sue Gerald

Everything you have ever said has been spot on and if you say it will happen, sooner or later it does. You go straight to the person you have a message for everytime and bring so many people comfort and love from the spirits. Keep up the excellent work.

Kathy Grainger