Email Tarot Card Readings

'The wonderful world of Tarot Cards.'

An email tarot card reading done for you by one of my very well trusted readers. Need guidance? Need answers to your questions? Then an email tarot card reading is definitely the way forward. Different types of cards have very different meanings and can tell you very different things. Have a look below at the different types of cards available and what they can tell you. Simply choose the cards that best suit your needs, click on them to order your reading and you will receive your tarot card reading via email within 3 working days.

Gypsy Cards

My personal favourite. These mystical cards will look ahead at what the future holds. They will look at your current situation and then show you what is ahead of you in the next 12 months and then in the next 3 years. A definite choice for those looking for the answers for the future.

Angel Cards

These cards are great if you are seeking advice from the Angels or loved ones. They tend to look more into your present life and how things are shaping out for you. A very good choice for those trying to understand their present emotions.

Tarot Cards

The most well known type of Tarot cards is the standard traditional tarot deck. These will look at your past present and future.