I am excited to share with you a range of new workshops for 2019! Please keep an eye as there may be extra dates added due to demand and remember spaces are limited! All of the current workshops are held at Dallinghoo Village Hall (Woodbridge Suffolk) and the price includes lunch.

Spiritual Tools Workshop - 23rd February 2019 11am - 4pm

A fun day workshop all about the different tools available to work with the spirit world! This workshop includes using your own third eye to connect to the spirit world but also using some of the tools used for years to help connect with the other side.

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Psychic Predictions - 18th May 2019 11am - 4pm

Psychic Predictions is a brand new workshop solely focused on being aware of your intuition, psychic abilities and the ability to predict events and outcomes. This workshop focuses on how to use just your psychic ability on not just yourself but others around you! 

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Circle Day - 18th August 2019 - 10am - 5pm

After the success of my first Circle Day in 2018 I am introducing another in 2019. For those that have attended the first circle day this one will be different but the same format. A more limited spaces day full of experiencing all different things psychic, spiritual and paranormal.

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Understanding My Soul (Spiritual Past, Present and Future) 26th October 2019 10am - 5pm

Understanding my soul is a full day workshop that looks through your soul in its past, its present and its future. Do you wish to know about your past life, what your present journey and life lessons are and where your spirit may be heading next? Then this is the workshop for you taking you on a journey of understanding the being that you are!

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Becoming a Paranormal Expert! 30th November 2019 Midday - 2am

I am really excited to be introducing this new workshop for 2019, teaching you how to become an expert in all things paranormal. This day starts with a workshop from midday until 6pm. After the workshop we will then head to one of the most haunted locations in the UK to put your expertise into practice! One not to be missed! This workshop includes food inbetween the workshop and investigation. 

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