- Ryan Gooding Psychic Medium

"My aim is to make mediumship more accessible, especially to bring it to a large and younger audience. Out of the dark ages and into the 21st Century. "

Ryan Gooding


Hello Everybody,

Welcome to my official website ryangooding.co.uk! Here there is just so much you can do. I hope you enjoy my weekly horoscopes and newsletters, telling you everything I have been up to and all the news on the latest events and shows. You are able to book readings with myself face to face, over skype or telephone or maybe even book a group reading where I will come to your home and read for you along with your friends and family. You can check out my trusted team of psychics for a telephone reading or even have a look at choosing your own tarot card deck to have your very own email tarot reading done which you will receive within 72 hours! You can see all of my event dates and find out where to get the latest tickets from!

Enjoy and I hope to see or hear from you all soon!

Ryan xxx